Pega Training in Chennai:

Training in Tambaram is one of the best Pega Training Institutes in Chennai Tambaram. We are focusing Placement based hands-on training for Pega Course. Our Pega course Trainers are taking the classes from basic level to Advanced Level. So, our Students can get the job easily in MNC companies in Chennai and Bangalore once complete their Pega Classes. Our Pega Course content and syllabus are revised monthly once by our experienced trainers. Our Pega training syllabus is designed for fulfilled to our student’s needs. So, you can get the up-to-date technical knowledge in Pega field. Our 6+ years of experienced trainers are working hard to improve their student knowledge and helps to attend the interviews confidently.

Our Training center offering Pega Training in various places around the Chennai. We are providing well infrastructure with fully equipped lab facilities to our students. We pay more attention to the needs of our students. Already we have trained more than 200+ Students in Chennai with placement. Pega Training timing schedule on weekday classes, Weekend classes, Evening classes and Fast Track classes. Our Pega Course fees is based on student’s requirement and value for money. After completing Pega Classes, providing free resume building classes, Aptitude classes, Mockup Interview Sessions.

Our Pega Course syllabus covering some important topics like Linux Fundamental, Boot and Package management, User Administration, Run Level, Service protocol, Introduction Cloud computing, Virtualization, Load Balancing, EBS, Storage on Cloud, cloud infront, Pega real-time project and Pega placement training in Chennai.

Pega Training in Chennai syllabus:

Pega training will be provided by Certified PEGA professional with strong real time experience at a very reasonalble price.

The training covers the following topics (and subtopics under each topic) in detail.

  • System Administration Specialist (7.1)
  • Pega 7 Fundamentals (7.1)
  • System Architect Essentials I (7.1)
  • System Architect Essentials II (7.1)
  • Senior System Architect (7.1)
  • Lead System Architect (7.1)
  • Lead System Architect Practice Application Build (7.1)
  • Leaveraging Pega 7 (7.1)
  • Business Architect Essentials (7.1)
  • Business Essentials for Technical Architects (7.1)
  • DCO Essentials (7.1)
  • Running a Pega Project (7.1)

Pega 6 Training in Chennai Course Syllabus

  • PRPC: Fast Track
  • PRPC: Bootcamp
  • PRPC: Senior System Architect v6.2
  • Mentored Self-Study
  • PRPC: Business Architect Essentials v6.3
  • PRPC: Direct Capture of Objectives
  • PRPC: Fundamentals
  • PRPC: Architecture
  • PRPC: User Experience Specialist
  • PRPC: Integration Specialist
  • PRPC: Reporting Specialist
  • PRPC: Case Management Specialist

PEGA CPM Training and Certification in Chennai

The CPM Architect certification provides students with the recognition and credibility that demonstrates they know how to use Customer Process Manager

  • Introduction to CPM
  • CPM Architecture
  • Interactions
  • Service Processes
  • Dialog Management
  • Composite Frame
  • Portal Search and Datasource tabs
  • Advanced UI Options
  • Smart Interaction Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Campaigns and Offers
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Net Promoter
  • Quality Reviews and Coaching
  • Introduction to Channel Technologies
  • Delivery Business Results

Certified Pega Business Architect Training Course Outline

The CPBA training validates when a Certified Pega Business Architect participates in the design and construction of a PRPC application, they possess the fundamental, essential PRPC skills and knowledge that must be applied to ensure success.
Ability to analyze, design and create business requirements and specifications/use cases
Ability to understand and/or apply key concepts and techniques in the design and construction of the components of a multi-process application
Ability to understand and apply PRPC application design principles on projects
Ability to understand the vocabulary around requirement gathering and specifications/use cases creation within the context of building a PRPC multi-process application

PRPC Overview

  • Navigating the Business Analyst portal
  • Routing and assignments
  • The 6 R’s

Developing a PRPC Application

  • Application development steps and stages
  • Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO)
  • Business Architect responsibilities
  • Rules and Classes

Gathering and Entering Requirements

  • Collecting and storing requirements in PRPC
  • The relationship between requirements and specifications
  • The Application Profiler, Application Accelerator, and application profiles
  • Work types and case management
  • DCO Elaboration sessions

Flow Design

  • Using the Process Modeler
  • Flow rules
  • Sub flows and screen flows
  • Flow shapes and their uses
  • Work item status

UI Design

  • Basic UI rules and their uses – Harness – Flow Action – Section
  • UI wireframes
  • Layouts and their uses
  • UI Controls

Data Modeling

  • Using properties to store data in PRPC applications
  • Property types available in PRPC
  • Property modes available in PRPC
  • Standard PRPC properties

    Automating Business Policies

  • Decision rule types provided by PRPC – Decision tables – Decision trees – When rules
  • Using decision rules in applications
  • Declarative processing
  • Service Levels

Creating Messages and Notifications

  • Correspondence rule types
  • Sending correspondence from flows
  • Work parties

Building Reports

  • Using the Report Browser
  • Using the Report Editor to create or modify reports
  • Report types and capabilities – List-type reports – Summarized reports – Charting
  • Using PRPC data in reports

Business Architect Best Practices

  • Ten Guardrails for successful application development
  • Delegating rules to the business and Build for Change
Pega Weekdays Training ( Morning, Day time & Evening)
Duration: 50 - 55 Hrs
Pega Weekend Training (Saturday, Sunday & Holiday)
Duration: 17 Weeks
Pega Fast Track Training
Duration: within 25 days

Pega Online Training in Chennai

Training in Tambaram providing best one-on-one Pega Online training in Chennai with Placement Assistance. Our trainers are conducting Pega Training to students through TeamViewer, Skype, GoToMeeting Software. We also offering Online Pega Fast Track Training with affordable course fees.

Pega Corporate Training in Chennai

In Training in Tambaram, offering Pega Corporate training in MNC Companies around the Chennai. We can take the Training for 15 to 20 employees in one Batch. Our corporate training based on updated Pega Syllabus. Our Pega Corporate trainers are specialized in their field and 10+ years of Experience in Pega Platform.

Pega Placement Training in Chennai

We are offering Placement training for our students after completing the Pega Classes. Our trainers are helps to attend the interview confidently. We are conducting resume preparation classes, Mockup Interviews, Aptitude Test.