C Sharp Training in Chennai:

Training in Tambaram is one of the best C# Training Institutes in Chennai Tambaram. We are focusing Placement based hands-on training for C# Course. Our C# course Trainers are taking the classes from basic level to Advanced Level. So, our Students can get the job easily in MNC companies in Chennai and Bangalore once complete their C# Classes. Our C# Course content and syllabus are revised monthly once by our experienced trainers. Our C# training syllabus is designed for fulfilled to our student’s needs. So, you can get the up-to-date technical knowledge in C# field. Our 6+ years of experienced trainers are working hard to improve their student knowledge and helps to attend the interviews confidently.

Our Training center offering C# Training in various places around the Chennai. We are providing well infrastructure with fully equipped lab facilities to our students. We pay more attention to the needs of our students. Already we have trained more than 200+ Students in Chennai with placement. C# Training timing schedule on weekday classes, Weekend classes, Evening classes and Fast Track classes. Our C# Course fees is based on student’s requirement and value for money. After completing C# Classes, providing free resume building classes, Aptitude classes, Mockup Interview Sessions.

Our C# Course syllabus covering some important topics like Linux Fundamental, Boot and Package management, User Administration, Run Level, Service protocol, Introduction Cloud computing, Virtualization, Load Balancing, EBS, Storage on Cloud, cloud infront,C# real-time project and C# placement training in Chennai.

C# Training in Chennai syllabus:

• Data Types
• Type Conversion
• Boxing & Unboxing
• Conditional Statements
• Looping
• Methods in C#
• Properties
• Arrays
• Indexes
• Structures, Enumerations
• Strings
• Regular Expressions
• Collection


Object Oriented Language :

• OOPS Concepts
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Class and Object
• Constructors
• Destructors
• Method Overloading
• Method Overriding
• Early binding, Late binding
• Abstract Classes
• Abstract Methods
• Interfaces
• Multiple Inheritances

Memory Management :

• Garbage Collector Stack and Heap
• System. Object Class
• Architecture of Gc
• Generations
• Exceptional Handlingÿ System Defined Exceptions
• Custom Exceptions
• Try, Catch, Finally
• Throwing Exceptions
• Operator Overloading
• Unary Operator
• OOPS Concepts
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Class and Object
• Constructors
• Destructors
• Method Overloading
• Method Overriding
• Early binding, Late binding
• Abstract Classes
• Abstract Methods
• Interfaces
• Multiple Inheritances
• Binary Operator
• GUI Applications Development
• Windows forms and controls
• Creating Menus
• Toolbars, Image list
• Tree View, List view

Data Base Programming

• ADO.NET Introduction
• Data Providers in .NET
• Connection, Command
• Data reader
• Data Adapter
• Data Set
• Command Builder
• Data Relations


• Private Assemblies
• Shared Assemblies
• Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

Architecture of CLR

• Components in CLR
• Type Safety

COM Interparability

• Architecture of COM
• Using COM Component form.NET
• Using .NET Component form VB/VC++

Delegates and Event Handling

• Function Pointers
• Multi cast delegates
• Generic Routines
• Event Handling


• Value types, Reference types
• Unsafe
• Structures and pointers

Remoting Distributed Architecture

• Channels (TCP, HTTP)
• Marshal by Value
• Marshal by reference
• Server Activated
• Client Activated
• Remoting Architecture

File Handling

• System. IO namespace
• File stream
• Stream Reader
• Stream Writer
• File info
• Directory info

Windows Services

• Service base class
• Service Process Installer
• Service Installer
• Creating a windows Service
• Installutil.exe

Multi Threading

• System, threading
• Thread Synchronization
• Critical Sections
• Thread life cycle

Introduction to Web applications and Security

• ASP.NET using C#
• System. Web & A simple web application
• Code access security
• Role based security

C# Weekdays Training ( Morning, Day time & Evening)
Duration: 50 - 55 Hrs
C# Weekend Training (Saturday, Sunday & Holiday)
Duration: 17 Weeks
C# Fast Track Training
Duration: within 25 days

C# Online Training in Chennai

Training in Tambaram providing best one-on-one C# Online training in Chennai with Placement Assistance. Our trainers are conducting C# Training to students through TeamViewer, Skype, GoToMeeting Software. We also offering Online C# Fast Track Training with affordable course fees.

C# Corporate Training in Chennai

In Training in Tambaram, offering C# Corporate training in MNC Companies around the Chennai. We can take the Training for 15 to 20 employees in one Batch. Our corporate training based on updated C# Syllabus. Our C# Corporate trainers are specialized in their field and 10+ years of Experience in C# Platform.

C# Placement Training in Chennai

We are offering Placement training for our students after completing the C# Classes. Our trainers are helps to attend the interview confidently. We are conducting resume preparation classes, Mockup Interviews, Aptitude Test.