Greens Technology Tambaram is a best rated AngularJS Training Institute in Tambaram Chennai. AngularJS is an Open Source, JavaScript-based front-end web development tool. AngularJS changes static HTML into dynamic HTML. AngularJS Completely based on HTML and JavaScript, so no need to learn any other language. AngularJS is automatically handling the JavaScript code for a suitable browser. Mostly AngularJS is using for create single web page application. So thousands of developers using AngularJS. There are three major part of the component in AngularJS. 1. ng-app, 2. ng-model, 3. Ng-bind.

Advantages of AngularJS:

  • Open Source Framework
  • Very clean code and easy to maintain
  • It having the testable unit.
  • Very less code but get more functionalities
  • It provides reusable components.

AngularJS Training in Tambaram Chennai :

Greens Technology Tambaram is one of the best AngularJS Training Institutes in Tambaram. We are focusing Placement based hands-on training for AngularJS Course. Our AngularJS Trainers are taking the classes from basic level to Advanced Level. So our Students can get the job easily in MNC companies in Chennai once complete their AngularJS Classes. Our AngularJS Course content and syllabus are revised monthly once by our experienced trainers. Our AngularJS training syllabus is designed for fulfilled to our student’s needs. So you can get the up-to-date technical knowledge in AngularJS field. Our 6+ years of experienced trainers are working hard to improve their student knowledge and helps to attend the interviews confidently.

Our Training center offering AngularJS Training in various places around the Tambaram Chennai. We are providing well infrastructure with fully equipped lab facilities to our students. We pay more attention to the needs of our students. Already we have trained more than 500+ Students in Chennai with placement. AngularJS Training timing scheduled on week day classes, Weekend classes, Evening classes and Fast track classes. Our AngularJS Course fees is based on students requirement and value for money. After completing AngularJS Classes, providing free resume building classes, Aptitude classes, Mockup Interview Sessions.

Our AngularJS Course syllabus covering some important topics like AngularJS Introduction, Dynamic binding, Directive, Controller, Filter, Expression, Routing, Mapping an API Call, Form Validations, Dependency injections,Factories, AngularJS real time project and AngularJS placement training in Tambaram Chennai.

AngularJS Job Openings in Chennai:

Prerequisites of AngularJS:

  • Good Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Basic Knowledge of MVC (Model-view-controller)
  • Knowledge in JavaScript function, error handling and events.

AngularJS Job responsibilities in Chennai:

  • Develop and build an immersive, intuitive and intelligent user experience website.
  • Understand the product requirements from the business, designer & convert visuals to interactive web interfaces
  • Write reusable code and build libraries for future use
  • Optimize web application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as VueJS, ReactJS or
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX.

AngularJS Salary in Chennai:

According to PayScale website, AngularJS front developer salary starts from 1,81,954 per year. More than 3 years of experienced AngularJS front developer salary starts from 9,97,747.

 AngularJS Training in Tambaram Chennai Syllabus:

Prerequisites for AngularJS Training

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript

AngularJS Introduction

  • Introduction To Client Side Scripting Languages
  • Basics of Javascript and jQuery
  • Introduction to AngularJS and Its History
  • Why should we use AngularJS?

Execution flow


  • Properties, Methods
  • Binding controllers with views
  • Controller hierarchy
  • Sharing data between controllers

Bootstrapping Angular APPS

  • Auto bootstrap
  • Custom bootstrap

Data Binding

  • Binding Model Objects
  • Model Objects Visibility
  • $scope
  • $rootScope
  • Difference between $scope & $rootScope
  • Using $emit & $broadcast
  • JSON advantages
  • Using JSON in Angularjs
  • Use of $watch, $digest & $apply

Understanding AngularJS Architecture

Dependency Injection

  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • Implicit DI
  • Inline Array Annotated DI
  • $inject Array Annotated DI


  • AngularJs Expressions, AngularJS Numbers
  • AngularJS Strings, AngularJS Arrays
  • AngularJS Objects


  • Power of directives
  • Working with built in directives
    • ng-app, ng-init
    • ng-model, ng-repeat
    • ng-class, ng-template
    • ng-include
  • Working with custom directives


  • Adding Filters to Expressions
  • Adding Filters to Directives
  • Working with built in filters
  • Creating custom filters


  • ng-click
  • Hiding HTML Elements
  • ng-disabled
  • ng-show, ng-hide


  • Controllers Pollute the Global Namespace
  • AngularJS Application Files

AngularJS XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)

  • AngularJS $http

AngularJS Forms & Input Validation

AngularJS Service Types

  • Constants & Values, Factories
  • Services, Providers

Single Page Applications

  • What is SPA?
  • How to work with SPA in angular
  • Working with routes
  • Static & dynamic routing


  • Overview of REST API
  • Use of angular resource module


  • Overview of transitions
  • Use of angular animate module

Angular with UI Frameworks

  • ui boostrap
  • anguar-meterial

Behavior Driven Development

  • Overview of Nodejs
  • installation of karma & jasmin
  • working with karma & jasmin
AngularJS Weekdays Training ( Morning, Day time & Evening)
Duration: 40 Hrs
AngularJS Weekend Training (Saturday, Sunday & Holiday)
Duration: 15 Weeks
AngularJS Fast Track Training
Duration: within 20 days

AngularJS Online Training in Tambaram

Greens Technology Tambaram providing best one-on-one AngularJS Online training in Chennai with Placement Assistance. Our trainers are conducting AngularJS Training to students through TeamViewer, Skype, GoToMeeting Software. We also offering Online AngularJS Fast-track Training with affordable course fees.

AngularJS Corporate Training in Tambaram

In Greens Technology Tambaram, offering AngularJS Corporate training in MNC Companies around the Chennai. We can take the Training for 15 to 20 employees in one Batch. Our corporate training based on updated AngularJS Syllabus. Our AngularJS Corporate trainers are specialized in their field and 10+ years of Experience in AngularJS Platform.

AngularJS Placement Training in Tambaram

We are offering Placement training for our students after completing the AngularJS Classes. Our trainers are helps to attend the interview confidently. We are conducting resume preparation classes, Mockup Interviews, Aptitude Test.